Do you wish to take a step back from day to day involvement in managing your home?

Perhaps you wish to plan for an exit/sale in 1-2 years and require an interim solution, or would like a solution you can trust will look after your investment?

Or are you looking to remove the stress of dealing with CQC and the Local Authority?

We are extensively experienced in successfully overseeing the day-to-day running of care homes, assuming responsibility for operational performance and measuring standards of care.

We provide Operators, Banks, Insolvency Practitioners and Investors with a proven, trusted outsourcing solution for the successful operational running of care homes.

Be it a short term engagement, or a longer term contract covering multiples years, we can tailor our service to your needs and circumstances. Our services include:

  • Day to day operational management of the care home/care homes
  • Staff training & mentoring
  • Audit & Quality Assurance
  • Marketing
  • Recruitment
  • HR support
  • Supplier management

For full information on our Care Home Management Service please click here to read our brochure.